Now, about the exercise

My last post was a food “check-in” – a list of everything I ate in the previous week. Where I left off was the lead up to the July 4th holiday weekend. And you know how I handle the holiday eating – like the Nike slogan, Just Do It. Eat, that is. That’s how we celebrate.

And so I did. There was a celebratory meal with friends on Sunday night at my favorite Atlanta haunt, Eclipse di Luna (followed by a night-time jaunt through Chihuly in the Garden). Then another celebratory Independence Day meal with family that featured rib-eye steak on the grill.

Back to the daily food log for a moment. After recording and examining everything I ingested and imbibed throughout the previous week, I saw no opportunities for further reduction in caloric intake. My diet has settled into a pattern. I’m definitely eating less now than when I started, and I’ve lost weight, albeit not a vast amount and not continuously – there have been pauses and plateaus – but no rebound weight gain, even with the occasional indulgence.

This process is going slow, but that’s okay. I want the changes I’m making to be comfortable and permanent. I want to make sure my metabolism keeps working for me to keep the weight off, so that I may continue eating and enjoying all that the foodie universe has to offer.

How diets mess with your metabolism

Since metabolism is also a function of physical activity, it’s time for an exercise “check-in.”

I haven’t written much about my exercise routine, except to say that I mostly walk. Although I prefer outdoors, with summertime temperatures soaring into the 90s, I have to take my walk indoors on the treadmill. Lately, to increase the fat-burn, I’ve started doing an elliptical jog, which is a more vigorous work-out than walking. Either way, I try for at least 30 minutes 4 days a week. It may not sound like much to the fitness gurus – 150 minutes of moderate, or 75 minutes of vigorous, activity a week is the recommended minimum – but it’s more than what I was doing before. (Actually, anything is more than what I was doing before.)

But now that I’ve been at it for a number of weeks, I am noticing the workout getting a bit easier. I think I’m ready for a challenge. There’s added benefit to variety in exercise routine, so I’m changing things up by joining a dance class, a hip-hop dance class. It’s Mom-hop. Move over, Beyoncé – here come the moms.

I’m also adding strength training to my workout – twice a week, and that’s in addition to my walking/ellipticaling.

Suddenly, it sounds like I’ve gone from exercising “not that much” to “a whole lot,”  but I still have a long way to go before I’m overdoing it.

Moderation is key. Sound familiar?


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