Midpoint Melancholy

Week 4 on my weight-loss plan found me feeling a tad melancholy and slightly anxious about the way I’m going about it. My hope, at the outset, was to lose 8 lbs. in 8 weeks by making only minor modifications to my diet – see my 8 rules – and getting at least the minimum recommended weekly amount of exercise (150 minutes). After the first two weeks, I was optimistic, completely convinced I was on the right path toward sweet success. Three pounds fell off almost immediately. But after that second week, it leveled out, plateaued, as they say, and I haven’t lost any more since.

One of the challenges to weight loss is that the body’s metabolism tends to adjust to a reduction in caloric intake by slowing down. The much-publicized “Biggest Loser” study, published last Monday in the journal Obesity, confirms this physiological reaction. It makes a valid argument against extreme calorie restriction and rapid weight loss. While I’m not drastically cutting calories for quick or substantial weight loss – I think I’m taking in 300-400 fewer calories a day than before – I wonder if my body is trying to adapt to the (albeit modest) decrease in energy consumption. I sure hope not. Because, menopause has already put the brakes on my metabolism. That’s, no doubt, one of the factors contributing to my creeping weight gain.

On the other hand, perhaps my body is just responding to….well, raspberry white chocolate birthday cake. Even If I’d thought about it, this past week was definitely not the time to introduce further dietary restrictions. Not while there was a birthday to be celebrated. Not while there was cake to be had. Happy Birthday to my beautiful and talented, exceptional, delightful, daughter, Marguerite, who turned 15 this past week.




My weight loss plan is still on. I’m going to stay the course, continue to follow my 8 rules, indulge on occasion, be patient, and give it a little more time.

Highlights of my week in food:

I ate cereal every morning, except for one, and on that day, I had a poached egg and English muffin with butter and cherry preserves. I ate lots of fruit throughout the week, as I usually do, including bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries, and some pineapple. The PB&J sandwich was my lunchtime standby, and chocolate my bedtime ritual. Different types of salads, including spinach, appeared on the menu at home. Restaurants still figured into the picture of our week, but I tried, and generally succeeded, to keep it light or take half to go. One other little cheat this week: buffalo wings and fries on Saturday night, along with a cider…the hard kind : )

FullSizeRender (2)

Spinach salad with tomato, avocado, green onion, bacon, egg and red-wine vinaigrette dressing


Fresh berries with hand-whipped vanilla cream & mint from the garden

No change to my weight. Stay tuned.

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