Weekend 3: Pick your strawberries

I get excited this time of year in anticipation of the local fruits and vegetables that are beginning to come into season. My husband and I rose early Saturday morning to go strawberry picking while the fields were still quiet and uncrowded and the sun not yet high in the sky. We reaped a bucket full of glistening red strawberries of all sizes.

This is as sweet and juicy as it gets. Pick your strawberries, while the pickin’s good!


Day 19

Breakfast: Cereal, banana, plain low-fat yogurt, and milk

Lunch: Steamed cabbage and bell peppers, cauliflower, and a few strips of grilled fajita-seasoned chicken (from my workplace cafe)

Dinner: 2 fish tacos (of the fast-food variety – we were all too tired to put forth any more effort, and just wanted to eat, get home and watch Amazing Race.)

Fruit and veggie count: 5 (including my snacks not listed)

Day 20

Saturday. After we amassed a bucketful of strawberries, my husband suggested we stop for breakfast at Twisted Doughnuts & Cafe, right down the street from the strawberry fields. It is not humanly possible to say no to that.

Breakfast: A fried croissant, half of a Bismark and half of a red velvet doughnut  (The other halves I saved for my daughter.)

Lunch: A “little” hamburger and fries from Five Guys (Who doesn’t crave a burger once in a while?)

Dinner: Andie Mitchell’s Szechuan shrimp stir fry, steamed rice, a red-leaf lettuce salad with lemon vinaigrette


Special snack: Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate

Fruit and veggie count: (just) 3

Day 21

Breakfast: Cereal, blackberries and milk

Lunch: Cheese and veggie frittata, Caprese salad (sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil vinaigrette), and a fresh strawberry muffin.

Dinner: Wild Alaskan salmon with mustard glaze, pan sautéed cauliflower, fresh spinach salad with red onion, fresh basil, strawberries, and balsamic vinaigrette


Fruit and veggie count: 6

This past week was one of my best for exercise in…well, years. However, I’m afraid I may have paid for it in hours of sleep. I was definitely feeling the deficit by Friday afternoon – exhausted, really. It seemed at the end of each day, after work, a long commute, transporting teenagers around, figuring out dinner, and all the other non negotiables, the squeeze to fit in exercise pushed my bedtime later. The sad part: all that exercise didn’t move my weight, not this week, anyway. The weekend’s ‘twisted’ doughnuts and hamburger & fries may have played a role in this, but I also wonder if lack of sleep and bodily fatigue wreaked a bit of havoc on my metabolism over the course of the week. My focus for this week shall be better time management, so that neither sleep nor exercise gets shortchanged.


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