The weekend: Indian food and sweet satisfaction

Weekends, it seems, are a bit more challenging for dieters. The structure of the daily routine of the work week is suspended, and with freedom and spontaneity comes temptation. When one is out and about, engaging in recreational or social activities or just running errands, it isn’t easy to remain focused on the task at hand, the task of losing weight, that is. French fries are everywhere for the taking, hot and “fresh” out of the deep fryer. For me, I can salt and polish off a small fries before I even clear the drive-through at McDonald’s. That’s my way.

I tried to choose my treats carefully this weekend. As much as I do love french fries, I did not avail myself of that particular form of instant gratification. However, there were some guilty pleasures to be had.

Day 5


Breakfast: Cereal with strawberries and milk (standard)

Lunch: PB&J with 2 carrots

Dinner: Cheese and veggie frittata, peas, cherry tomatoes with olive oil

Between breakfast and lunch, over a long commute downtown and getting into my work mindset, I tend to get hungry. I’ve found that nothing works better to quell those mid-morning pangs than a cappuccino – that little bit of milk and froth take care of it. In the past, I’d often have a croissant or scone with my cappuccino, but not anymore, except only as a rare treat.

I was determined to hold off on an afternoon snack until I could get back out to the burbs and go out for coffee with my daughter. By the time I picked her up from school, it was late and pushing the boundary of what can reasonably be considered coffee time, but my husband had called to let me know that he was running late in traffic, so there was no need to rush home. My daughter and I were both hungry, and I needed some glucose to go along with my caffeine, so I had a blondie. Sometimes you just need energy.


I took an hour-long walk outside and later settled in for some TV watching with a cup of hot ginger tea and 2 pieces of dark chocolate.

Fruit and veggie count: 5

Day 6

Breakfast: Cereal with strawberries and milk

Lunch: Leftover frittata and peas, a piece of cantaloupe

Dinner: Gobi manchurian (cauliflower), garlic naan, lamb biryani with raita, and gulab jamun

It was a busy morning out and I treated myself to a scoop of ice cream with coffee pour-over at home in the afternoon. After a long walk outside – it was a glorious day – we went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant. Anyone reading this, who has never had the dishes listed above, Google them. Then find the nearest authentic establishment serving them up, and go. That’s all I have to say. Don’t even worry about the nutritional or caloric content of the food.

Snack was a bowl of cherries. Since I had gulab jamun for dessert, I did not have any dark chocolate. Alert the media.

Fruit and veggie count: 5

Day 7


Breakfast: Almond croissant, strawberries

Lunch: Chicken taco with avocado, cantaloupe

Dinner: Tilapia sautéed with capers & orange bell pepper, broccoli, sliced tomato, rice, ~3 oz. white wine

If you read my 8 Rules, then you know I’m allowing myself a pastry or doughnut on Sunday. It’s my way of resting, which is what I do on the Lord’s day. Even a diet needs a rest. Right?

For afternoon snack, a cappuccino; 1 piece of dark chocolate and a bowl of cherries p.m.

Fruit and veggie count: 5

I’ve been practicing my 8 rules now for a full week. I’m on my way toward reaching my goal of losing 8 lbs. in 8 weeks. And something interesting is happening. When I felt hungry this week – and I felt intensely hungry on a number of occasions – I ate. I heeded those bodily signals and did not deprive myself. But I also did not stuff myself at mealtime. I enjoyed my meals (and snacks) stopping short of fullness. By simply cutting back, in one week’s time I re-calibrated my perceived definition of a normal sized meal or snack. I’m in a state of appetite equilibrium now, a sort of homeostasis, being neither hungry (for any length of time) nor full. I like this feeling. It’s satisfying.

My weight: 128 lbs.


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