Week 1: thank God for rotisserie chicken

It’s been 4 days of dieting and applying my 8 rules, which are centered around eating 5+ fruits and veggies a day (1 = 1/2 cup), choosing whole grains over refined, reducing portion size and quantity overall but especially for indulgences such as chocolate, sweets, fast or processed foods, and calorie-laden drinks. I’ve been mostly adherent, and even managed to avoid fast food altogether, but not restaurants in general. Restaurants are treacherous territory, I can attest once again.


Breakfast: Whole oat cereal with fresh blueberries and almond milk

Lunch: PB&J on whole wheat bread, 2 carrots and an apple

Dinner:  About 4 oz. of grocery store rotisserie chicken, cauliflower, green salad with vinaigrette

Black coffee, pure and unadulterated, is the first thing I reach for every morning. After that, a breakfast of cereal with milk and fruit is the standard. And the classic, if lowly, PB&J  on whole wheat often finds its way into my lunchbox. Every sandwich needs something crunchy on the side, and raw veggies are my healthy choice over chips. (I’m not a lover of chips anyway, so this is a small sacrifice.) I buy bunch organic carrots and do the washing, peeling, trimming myself – they’re so much tastier than the pre-cut, ready-to-eat variety.

On my 30-mile commute home from the office today, I decided to pick up a rotisserie chicken and prepare a salad and some steamed cauliflower with a lemon butter-olive oil pour-over. Simple enough, but I got extremely hungry even as I was preparing the vegetables, so I ate some 15 or so almonds, as a stabilizer. Really, I couldn’t even wait until dinner to eat something. But finally, dinner was tasty and satisfying.


In addition to my meals today, I had an 8-oz. “short” cappuccino in the afternoon and a bedtime snack of 1 small piece of dark chocolate and ~6 ounces of almond milk (an almond-coconut blend actually). But before I fell asleep, I got really hungry again, so I got up and had myself a little piece of smoked Gouda cheese.

Fruit and veggie count: 6


Breakfast: Whole oat cereal with fresh blueberries and almond milk, again.

Lunch: Sandwich of leftover rotisserie chicken and salad on whole wheat naan, 2 carrots

Dinner: Chicken wanton broth bowl and french baguette

Today I needed a snack between breakfast and lunch, so I had a banana. In the afternoon, it was my usual “short” cappuccino. Dinner was at Panera. My choice of the broth bowl was one of the lightest menu options at just 290 calories, and it was brimming with vegetables (at least 1/2 cup). It comes with a sizable piece of french bread, however, which I ate without guilt, because I knew that if I didn’t, I’d be hungry later. For my bedtime snack I had a bowl of cherries and a piece of dark chocolate.

Fruit and veggie count: 6


Breakfast: Steel-cut oats with walnuts and milk. 1/2 cup of blueberries.

Lunch: Salad of red-leaf lettuce, avocado, parsley, and green onion, with leftover chicken

Dinner: Bowl of vegetable soup, some chips and salsa, and a “skinny” Margarita

Working from home a couple days a week allows me to expand my breakfast and lunch repertoire. I love steel-cut oats, but with a little bit of butter and brown sugar (~1 tsp.) for flavor (not too bad, nutritionally speaking). My salad was dressed with lime juice and olive oil, and a little pulled leftover rotisserie chicken on top. I had some cantaloupe for snack and later, a cup of coffee – black (pure and unadulterated).

Mid-morning I took a work-out break and walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes. This turned out to be the only day I found the time for exercise, unfortunately.

My husband and I enjoy dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant every Wednesday evening, while waiting for my daughter, who has an activity just around the corner. On this evening, I ordered one of several delicious soups on the menu. One can’t go wrong with vegetable soup, can one? Well, not unless it’s accompanied by chips & salsa and a Margarita. The result was that my weight on the scales the next morning was going in the wrong direction. I do weigh every  morning, although you’ll only see it twice a week when I post. On day 2, I got really excited seeing that I was 2 lbs. down already, but on the morning after my Mexican restaurant excursion my weight was right back up again. I blame the salt – you know, water retention.

I still had a piece of chocolate for snack.

Fruit and veggie count: 7


Breakfast: Cantaloupe, a poached egg, sprouted grain toast with butter and jelly

Lunch: Salad and a baked potato with butter and sour cream

Dinner: Leftover rotisserie chicken, peas, cherry tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette

That rotisserie chicken went a long way. I also had a cappuccino in the afternoon and, Surprise!, dark chocolate at bedtime (non-negotiable).

Fruit and veggie count: 5

My weight today: That’s progress, I’d say – 4 days, 1 pound. Margarita forgiven.

Day 5

Day 5



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